Text Candy is a straightforward to use and extremely powerful text engine to create, display and animate all kind of ingame texts. It's main purpose is the ability to display bitmap fonts (which provide by far a better look than monochrome true type fonts) and easily animate texts in many fancy ways.

Text Candy comes with lots of premade, high quality and ready-to-use bitmap fonts but also lets you use your own bitmap fonts, created with Glyph Designer, for example. Using bitmap chars allows you to keep full control over look and style of your texts. Display 3D-style chars, apply smooth drop shadows, bevels, reflections, specular effects, nice color gradients, multi-colored, burning or smoking texts -whatever you imagine!

Text Candy is the perfect solution to display and animate your game title graphics and all kind of in-game texts such as score displays, highscore lists, credits, text notes, scrollable texts, marquees, headlines and more. Create animated texts using beautyfully pre-rendered bitmap fonts with a single line of code only!

All text objects can be animated at char level, resulting in awesome, professional looking, arcade-style text effects. Text Candy provides many premade animation effects that can be applied to any text object with a single line of code but also features an easy to use API to create any kind of effect you can imagine.

Applied text animations can be started manually at any time, but you can also let Text Candy handle this for you to animate a text object automatically each time a text changes. Text Candy supports multi-line texts, automatic word wrapping and several text alignment methods. You'll be amazed how easy it is to use!

Text Candy directly imports Glyph Designer fonts. Glyph Designer is a great tool to create awesome looking bitmap charsets (including color gradients, outlines, dropshadows, highlights, bevels and more) within minutes.

As a fundamental and vital tool in the world of app programming, the Candy libraries are prominently featured in Jayant Varma's great book Learn Lua for iOS Game Development. Learn Lua for iOS Game Development walks you through the Lua basics, then shows you how to create games using the top Lua frameworks like the Corona SDK and last, but not least, how to use the Candy libraries to create professional, top-level apps and games.

What you should know:
The purpose of Text Candy is to display animated text messages in your game like title screens, score display, game over or ingame-messages, loading screens etc. It focusses on animated texts, so it is not meant for huge amounts of texts or text-heavy projects.


  • Comes with many clean, easy-to-follow sample codes!
  • Clean, commented LUA code that can be extended by your own!
  • Uses sprite sheets for best performance and memory usage.
  • Create unlimited texts with a minimum use of valuable texture memory.
  • Optional debug mode with detailed error messages


  • Use your own bitmap fonts with ease.
  • Also supports custom true type fonts.
  • Efficient use of available texture space.
  • Supports non-uniform sized chars for efficient texture usage.
  • No need to create different charsets -scale them dynamically.
  • Load & use any number of character sets in your game*
  • Includes many pre-designed and ready to use bitmap character sets.
  • Direct Glyph Designer import


  • Automatic word wrapping.
  • Supports multi-line texts.
  • Freely customizable line & char spacing.
  • Add background- and button graphics to your texts.
  • Create scrollable texts -add automatic scrollbars in seconds!
  • Create and animate circular texts.
  • Remove text objects automatically ("set and forget").
  • Automatic left-, right- or center-aligned texts.
  • Use unlimited amount of text objects*
  • Load unlimited amount of bitmap character sets*
  • Retrieve font or char measures at any time.
  • Create smooth scrolling marquees with unlimited amount of text.
  • Move, rotate, position, scale texts like common display objects.
  • Position chars either on their top, center or bottom baseline.
  • Makes it easy to reuse your text objects to minimize memory impact.


  • 3D-like text animations.
  • Animate texts on char level.
  • Typewriter-like text animations.
  • Apply effects with a single line of code.
  • Hundreds of possible effect combinations!
  • Apply sound effects to any text animation.
  • Play text effects automatically on text change.
  • Apply fancy deformation effects to your texts!
  • Easy-to-use effects API to create your custom effects.
  • Many predefined and ready-to-use text animations:
    - Fly-in, fly-out
    - Bouncing chars
    - Fade-in, fade-out
    - Zoom- and scale effects + many more!

* Only limited by device memory and performance